The Exciting New Web Design Trends

Mobile First

Developers and designers are starting to make more sites with an emphasis on mobile as the majority of revenue now comes from this device. To ensure a good UX on smaller screens, it is crucial for designers/developers working in web development or design to have experience designing them because they will be vital when developing an app-based web site that needs special attention because of the small space it occupies. This will require fast loading times, as many people go straight onto their phones to check their email during lunch break.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers are the time to bloom, this is the reason we’re seeing an increase in the use of rounded corners and brighter colours on web pages. Much like design elements such as profile avatars and form inputs backgrounds have also shifted out of using just 90deg angles to gain interest with different perspectives that keep users interested longer than they were before. Making sure that your site is to current trends can build trust between you and potential customers allowing them not only to buy from but recommend your services to boost sales exponentially.

More Animations and Interactions

Thanks to advancements in web technology, such as jQuery animations are gaining in popularity. These scripts will transform your website into a place to read printed text. They additionally allow interaction between user with page elements. This is a massive improvement from the old limitations of what you could do prior to the introduction of images to the world-wide web.

The web is becoming increasingly interactive. Instead of reverting to retro-looking design of the 1990s pages, page transitions, and sliding information panels can be utilized to make your website look more vibrant. These methods increase the level of interactivity and can drive traffic to revenue-generating activities that can lead to an increase in per-visit (RPV).


In order to keep their website traffic up and avoid having them transferred offsite to other sites, the HTML 5 tag is increasingly popular. The increase in available platforms for hosting videos (including streaming) has led more companies to decide that they can handle this type of thing better than before by using other technologies like YouTube or else third-party providers that may shut down anytime, so using tags like these allows for a company’s videos to seamlessly integrate to its site, while offering a greater selection of player options.

Video backgrounds

With the rise of videos as backgrounds, you can utilize their benefits to your advantage. This will improve the level of engagement with your customers. They can boost conversion rates by providing more details than traditional images. Additionally, video content is easier to read for people who may not be able to read texts.

Backgrounds in video are a great way to increase brand awareness and improve the return visits. This is beneficial in all kinds of content, including videos for marketing and eCommerce strategies.

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