How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers In Taxi Business?

Mobile solutions are essential to keep your business competitive in today’s marketplace. In the past couple of years, technology has advanced drastically. There are numerous inventions popping up at every turn. That includes taxis. It is possible to stand out among others who are planning to launch their own version, despite the competition from low-cost transportation providers such as Uber or car rental businesses which offer similar services and provide superior customer service.

There are various types of taxi applications available on market. One kind, however, is specially designed for established businesses in need and guarantees that clients can make reservations for rides in a matter of minutes with expanding clientele base while aiding drivers to find possible fares faster than they have ever.

Two apps were designed by the development team to meet the requirements of drivers and passengers. This gives both drivers and passengers more control, allowing them to have access to the features they need.

These are essential attributes for apps for drivers.

The taxi industry is facing increasing competition. One key aspect of maintaining customer loyalty is to ensure that drivers have easy access to their apps. Driver-friendly features help new and returning customers to spend more time on the job in a less stressful manner and, in turn, result in better service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers always prefer mobile apps that reduce their efforts and give the best advice. GPS tracking systems pinpoint the exact location of the passenger, but once they share permission it’s easier for a driver who needs to find them at any given time because he/she will know precisely where the loved ones are going.

Access Button

Drivers can now opt make use of their mobiles to sign up for new requests, and to get more information. The driver will be notified immediately in the event of an order. They will then be able to find another price or provide further information, including their current location.

Driver Dashboard

With the new feature, drivers will be able to assess their performance against other drivers in terms of overall performance. They will also receive useful statistics and information about their travels. Prior to deciding whether or not to improve, they can also see feedback from passengers on previous rides.

Email & SMS Alerts

Important messages from passengers will be sent to the taxicabs by SMS and email alerts. They are also able to reply to queries via an acceptor decline option by using a user-friendly interface which is great for both parties that are involved in the transaction.

Start/End your ride

Maps can be a simple way to find your destination. This map will tell you where pickup and drop-off points are located making it more accessible for all parties.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The person who is notified will know within a matter of seconds if the driver has accepted or denied their request for transportation. If the driver doesn’t respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving the notification through the app, it indicates that there aren’t any cars within the vicinity that could take them there.

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